Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exercise is good...but stress undoes the benefits.

This morning, I went to gym before work for forty minutes and during lunch for thirty or so, including taking a quick, 15 minute ab workout class. I felt great after that, until I had to start training on some new tasks immediately. When I say immediately, I mean today was the trainer's last day and if I didn't learn what I need to know, I would be face first in the middle of new responsibility with no clue where to go. So, I studied. I learned. I got overwhelmed.

By midafternoon, I was stressed. So what did I do? Indulged in carbs...and more carbs...and more carbs. It wasn't good. I'm pretty sure I ate back a significant amount of the calories that I burned. And I'm sure being stressed will help me hold on to those unwanted calories. Lovely.

Later, I gave in and had some ice cream. More calories. Please note that I am seriously unhappy with this, but I felt like I needed it and at that point had idle time, so my craving had time to build.

At least my late evening was fun. I got to hang out with a friend for some girl time, which helps to bring me down a notch. We had a healthy dinner, thank goodness, and then indulged in some retail therapy.

Tonight I had to email an eBay seller who sold me a fraudulent item. I hope to hear back shortly so I can return the item and get my money back. It's too bad that I didn't catch the small details that made the item a fake. It's actually a really great fake, but I won't keep it because of the principle of the matter. That and I paid too much to keep a fake.

In any case, soon I will go to sleep and move past today and hope that tomorrow brings good things...although all I hear that it will be bringing is too much snow.

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