Monday, October 11, 2010

The Sitch is a....

On Jersey Shore, Mike "The Sitch" was acting like a...brat. Yeah, a brat. Not what you thought I'd say, right?

Mike not only slapped Snooki in the face, but he got irritable and crazy when Vinnie and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast members were having fun. He even went after Vinnie's girl when Vinnie had to seriously fight for her. WTF, Mike Sorrentino?

Sister Wives showed us one of the dark sides of polygamy.

Meri, Kody's first wife, confronted Kody about how he'd feel if she was 'doing the nasty' or even flirting with another guy. Kody said he hated the idea and it made him uncomfortable...yet having multiple wives is still completely appropriate, in his opinion.

He then took Meri away to Mexico for their anniversary and told her that he would give her in vitro fertilization as an anniversary present. Meri looked horrified. Yes, she wants another baby, but she's clearly not loving the family at the moment, and bringing another baby into the family is not going to help.

There were another weird things, like Robyn forcing her kids to call their future stepfather 'Daddy,' and the wives talking about how money's tight, yet we saw Kody driving a Lexus.

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  3. The whole thing seems a bit corrupt to me. I watched one episode and I was bothered by the whole concept. I enjoyed the show big love, but that was tv fantasy. When I watch the real version I'm appalled. I understand they "technically" choose that lifestyle, but it doesn't make it right. Especially for the children who don't choose it.

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